Sunday, January 8, 2012

June 2012: The Month My Husband is Finally Forced to Shop Naked

He wouldn't do it. He's an introvert*.

After unpacking all of our giftsies from Christmas, Geord and I** decided we were going to clean the closet, rearrange a few things. As I hung up dress pants and folded sweaters, I was again blown away by how many dumb clothes we have.


I was alerted to this by hanging up another pair of his dress pants and I was like "lol, you have more clothes than I do".

When we moved up here, we sold off a ton of clothes and donated even more. I felt like we truly curated our collection to things we have or had worn in the past 6-12 months. This includes fancy jackets. We also sold my chest of drawers*** and I've been using the closet exclusively to organize my belongings. My shoes are under the bed, his are under his dresser/former automotive storage container****.

I hung up wool coats, wool blend cardigans, fancy plaid ties, multiple t-shirts, skirts I don't wear... You get me.

So this year we're not going to buy any more clothes. All of 2012 is wrapped in the loving cotton and polyester goodness that is our current collection of t-shirts and basketball shorts.

Caveat: I have been losing a little bit of weight over the past few months, and I don't plan on stopping soon. This problem has a solution: tailoring.

I've been researching ways to tailor clothing. Google it. It's amazing what creative people with expensive machinery can accomplish.

Pants may be problematic.

We'll see how it goes. I already have a few projects upcoming, and I'll probably take some pictures or something.

*We took a personality test. On an extrovert scale from 1 to 100, he scored a 6.
**Our marriage is a happy one, full of me conscripting him into my clothes folding navy.
***chester drawers?
****Our current one is an old secretary's desk that was in my parent's garage, holding automobile oil and tools. My mom and I refinished it one afternoon. If you're thinking "man. A nice antique in a garage? Seems unnecessary," your head will asplode when you see the amazing antiques they actually put in their house.

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