Sunday, January 8, 2012

Making the Cheddar Money

Or, making that cheddar.

I recently "lost" a job that wasn't technically a job as much as it was an exercise in fun-slaying. After leaving my favorite job of all time, teaching high schoolers English literature, I decided to work on a different skill set.

I've read in multiple online places that freelance writing for online companies is where its at. I trust what is written online probably 100% of the time*. I'm still a rook, but basically this is where companies that generate online content--often called "content mills"-- look to secure good writing for their websites by paying by the word or length or whatever. There are plenty of sites that do this. The problem is that content mills don't really pay all that much-- perhaps 1 cent a word. This is also while they demand perfect grammar, creative organization and content, and expert research. It's not always worth it.

Anyways, to get back to my story, I worked for a company that was pretty well known for being a bunch of baby jerks. They paid pretty well per word-- 3 cents-- and paid consistently. They also fire and hire once every quarter. I knew it was coming, and after putting in some insane time around the holidays, I got a polite email asking me to get lost.

I was relieved.

Fortunately, the money that George makes is more than enough for us. I put all my money into paying off debt, and it's been good. Now I'm left finding another job.

I applied to a few editing jobs yesterday and a copywriting job a second ago. Both of these are on-site. I hate that. I don't hate working at an establishment, I just hate paying for transit and clothing and I hate being stressed. I'm a big whiny brat right now.

*I have suspicions that I was not the 1 millionth visitor from Massachusetts.

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